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Haruka (ハルカ Haruka?) was a young woman who was a resident of the Bradley Shelter. She was engaged to Arthur Farrell and her death had a profound effect on him and the course of human history.


Haruka had long black hair that she typically wore in two pigtails as well as a clip to hold part of her fringe and two white earrings. She wore the warm Eskimo clothing favored by the residents of the Bradley Shelter over a polo neck sweater.


Haruka had a great deal of maturity for her age, and was characterized by her patience and gentleness. Although she wanted to marry Arthur, she was willing to accede to his wishes to delay the wedding until work on Merlin had progressed further.[2] However she could also be roused to anger when the situation warranted, as she was furious at Arthur for trying to get Vilma Fachiri to turn him into a Type-V mutant and eliminate any possibility of them having a child.

A talented musician, Haruka would often retreat to the southern woods to practice alone and was usually seen carrying her flute.[3]


Arthur Farrell[]

BAALO09 204 Arthur's memories of Haruka

Arthur's memories of Haruka in Phase 55.

Arthur and Haruka had known each other since children and grew up together. It is suggested that the two eventually developed a close relationship that led to their engagement; despite this, Haruka would harbor some slight frustration towards Arthur for him continuing to postpone their marriage and would constantly wonder when Arthur would be ready. For decades after her death, Arthur would reveal she was the only woman he would have married and would continue to mourn her loss.


Radha, who was also Arthur's age, likely grew up with her as well. He had also fallen in love with Haruka, but it is not indicated if she knew about this, although Arthur did know about it.[4]

John Farrell[]

Haruka developed a good relationship with Arthur's grandfather John, who seemed to accept her as a family member before his death. She would show her appreciation towards John by playing her flute during his funeral.

Vilma Fachiri[]

While they only knew each other for roughly a day, Haruka was greatly interested in Vilma due to the latter having lived prior to the Geo Catastrophe occurring. She would quiz her about what life was like and was enamored by the beauty of the world before.


Born in ES 108,[1] Haruka and Arthur became engaged at some point before the surviving Type-V mutants arrived in the former St. Louis, Missouri. She was with John when Arthur took Vilma to see him just before he died, and express her grief at his funeral through her flute playing. She broke up the argument that erupted between Arthur and Marcus, chiding them for fighting during John's funeral. When Haruka heard that one of the effects of becoming a Type-V mutant was the inability to have children, she herself flew into a rage, slapping Arthur repeatedly before crying into his chest. She later hosted Vilma for the night, to whom she apologized for getting upset and revealed that her wedding was on hold until work on Merlin had moved ahead, although she herself did not have a good idea of what it really was. She then asked Vilma to describe to her what the moon, spring, and starry sky were like, none of which she had seen, due to the impact winter.

BAALO09 18 Haruka's body

Haruka's body in Phase 50.

The following day Haruka was inspired to compose a tune on her flute which reflected what she had learned from Vilma. This moved Victor Byron, who had likely been on his way to the Bradley Shelter when he happened upon her and listened before making himself known. Realizing who he was, Haruka told Victor that she wished that he would make peace with the shelter, which provoked him into a murderous rage. However instead of killing Haruka, he gave her a chance at life by attempting to turn her into a Type-V mutant, having to hold himself back from biting through her neck. Victor offered Haruka a place as his servant if she survived the ensuing Altered Shock and took part of her flute that had broken in her spasms. At first determined to survive so that she could bear Arthur's child, Haruka recalled how Vilma stated that whoever becomes afflicted by the Alter Shock will be unable to have children. This broke Haruka's spirit and she cried out for Arthur. She was able to muster enough strength to prop herself up against a tree before dying from blood loss and exposure.

A search party led by Arthur later found her that night after her body had been covered by a layer of fallen snow. It is believed that Arthur buried her in the forest and returned back to the Bradley Shelter to take his revenge on the Cognate for her death. Many years later, an elderly Arthur was given the broken piece of Haruka's flute by Vilma and, after combining it with his, mourned her death once again and passed away holding the complete flute.


Centuries later in ES 591, Haruka was one of the many characters shown when Melchizedek, appearing as an afterimage of Arthur Farrell, reached out to Alita's consciousness after her ego was shattered and her Imaginos Body dissolved following Super Nova's Seca attack.[5] An afterimage of Arthur later spoke to Aga Mbadi on the eve of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals when he was preparing the Sword of Damocles, disclosing that they were both alike in that they had lost their loves at a young age and had sought to fill that void in their hearts with power.[6]


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