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Hegeor Hopper is a martial arts scholar who serves as a color commentator during the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). He is one of the characters who was first introduced in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


Hopper is a fair skinned man who wears a light colored space suit. In Gunnm: Martian Memory the space suit is white with red shoulders and Hopper has a tan skullcap. After the events of the second round match involving the Space Angels and the Starship Cult, Hegeor would have his face wrapped in bandages due to receiving burns during the match.


Jack Gerambo[]

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Guntroll Arc[]

Hopper is introduced by Combat TV reporter Jack Gerambo during Round 1 of the ZOTT to help him out as a color commentator. His knowledge of martial arts techniques and history is very comprehensive as Caerula Sanguis acknowledges, and he realized that Alita might be a surviving Künstler.

Starship Cult Arc[]

During the Space Angels' fight against the Starship Cult in Round 2, the Cult's leader Whophon unleashed a deadly hypnotic technique that caused members of the audience to spontaneously combust. Hopper was affected, but was able to mentally block out the fact that he was actually on fire because he believed that it was an illusion. He survived his burns and continued to help cover the ZOTT.

World of Combat Arc[]

Hopper later spontaneously combusted in rage when Aga Mbadi temporarily shut the ZOTT down after Alita defeated Tunguska in the Block-A Semifinals, but again survived.

Other appearances[]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Gally encounters Hopper on Mars in the Valley of the Kikoujutsu, where he is trapped by a Berserker Bear. After saving him from the bear, she learns that he is a martial arts scholar and gets his opinion on Panzer Kunst. Hopper also reveals that he has discovered that Tiger Sauer's grave is on Phobos and Gally agrees to meet him at Olympus Spaceport in three days.


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