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The Japanese shirt brand Heroism produced four Gunnm shirts as part of its YM Heroes line, which features various anime series. The shirts were released on November 26, 2010 and sold for ¥6,090 each. As of September 2011 Heroism stopped accepting orders for all four designs.


Each design was adapted from the manga and came in three different colour schemes.


The Den shirt was adapted from Battle 50 and depicts him wielding Zanshato and about to attack a Factory tube with Zalem and the Barjack on the offensive in the background. The design is only on the front.


The Gally shirt was adapted from Battle 51 and depicts her when she remembered her original last mission as a Künstler. The shirts all have a black background and Gally appears on the front and back.


This shirt has eight different illustrations that appeared on the table of contents pages of the manga volumes. They were omitted in the original printing of the manga in English by Viz Media, but appear in the second printing. Four illustrations appear on the front and the other four are on the back.


The Jashugan shirt was adapted from Battle 22 and depicts him at the start of his final race. The Motorball text above him is taken from that the large signs displayed above the main entrances of the circuits. The design is only on the front.

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