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Hershey (ハーシー Hāshī?) (Viz Media: Cocoa) was Erica's dog when she was a young girl on Mars. It was first mentioned by Erica to Yoko when they were crossing a minefield together under threat of death by a squad commanded by Maltan, but did not appear until Mars Chronicle.


Hershey was a St. Bernard with several scars on his face and left forepaw, suggesting that he had been physically abused by Erica's father, Johan Walt.


Mars Chronicles[]

Erica first mentioned Hershey when she was being treated by Finch at Mamiana. She subsequently revealed that Hershey had died along with her parents.[1]

It is later revealed in a flashback triggered by a return to her former home in Curie Stadt that the dark history behind Erica's family was revealed. Her parents were abusive towards her and her father employed Hershey as a guard dog. At one point he goaded Hershey into tearing off Erica's left forearm while laughing as he had a drink. Hershey was subsequently poisoned by a pair of unnamed men who coveted Johan's treasure who Erica led back to her home to get revenge on her family.


  • Hershey was renamed Cocoa by Viz Media, likely due to having the same name as The Hershey Company. The name was changed back by Kodansha Comics USA.


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