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Hill (ヒル Hiru?) was a grave robber who reawakened Vilma Fachiri from stasis in ES 173.


Hill was a pudgy, fair skinned unshaven man who had dark, chin-length curly hair that was partially balding. He was dressed in tropical gear due to the temperature change that the Earth had undergone after the prolonged impact winter ended in ES 126.[1]


Following her fight with Victor Byron, Vilma Fachiri was shot by Arthur Farrell and fell into the previously frozen Mississippi River in ES 126.[2] She did not die but fell into a prolonged coma caused by the grievous injuries she had sustained. Vilma's body was recovered by Radha, who tended her wounds and buried her in a mausoleum, periodically checking in on her.

In ES 173 Hill and two accomplices attempted to plunder the mausoleum. When Hill opened Vilma's coffin, he inadvertently awakened her from her 47 year stasis. She instinctively grabbed him and decapitated him, sucking his body dry of blood in seconds. This revived her and she swiftly killed the other two grave robbers.