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BAA03 09 Holocard
Daisuke Ido’s holocard of Alita in Battle 13.
Type Portable holographic device
Users Daisuke Ido
Debut Battle 13

A holocard is a portable handheld device that can generate a 3D holographic image of a subject.


Daisuke Ido had a holocard of Alita that he showed to people on the street when he was looking for her after she ran away from home after Hugo’s death in ES 578.[1] Shumira recognized Alita when he showed her the card, but did not reveal that she was a motorball player, instead taking Ido to the Veronica Circuit. Here he found out for himself after experiencing the race through Valdicci. After Alita blatantly ignored him when he called out to her from a restricted area, Ido was kicked out by security and destroyed his holocard in frustration.

Other appearances[]

BAAOVA Holocard

Chiren's holocard in Tears Sign.

In the OVA, Chiren has a holocard of her and Ido together when they were partners that she carries in her jacket pocket, suggesting that the technology is also present on Zalem. This holocard is black and is activated by pressing the display screen.


  • Ido does not refer to the holocard as such in the original manga.


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