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Romanized title Furusato
English title Homecoming
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Released August 1997
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The Holy Night

Homecoming is the first side story and the third chronologically, set in ES 586.[1] It was first published in Ultra Jump before being included with the Gunnm: Complete Edition. It is based on an idea by Yasuhisa Kawamura, who worked as a manga assistant for Yukito Kishiro.

This is the shortest of the side stories and also has the least dialogue.


Deckman 50 in the middle of the Badlands.


Awakening after an attack on a Scrapyard vehicle convoy, Deckman 50 responds to a dying mercenary guard's plea for water, by using the man's helmet to get some fuel from a leaking vehicle. Although the mercenary discovers that this is not water and he dies after drinking it, his last words prompt Deckman 50 to head off in search for some, and he doggedly sets off through the Badlands.

At an abandoned building a waiting Gally, who is half buried in sand, rises in response to a summons. After kicking her jeep upright, which is nearly completely buried, she sets off. In Zalem Ground Investigation Bureau chief Bigott Eizenburg issues an order to terminate Deckman 50. This arouses Gally's bloodlust and she swiftly kills a rattlesnake, mouse, and dung beetle that she notices with a variety of weapons before destroying the building and driving off laughing.

Deckman 50 arrives at a seashore, but is unable to get some seawater due to his fear of the tide. He is noticed by a group of young children from a nearby village playing on the beach, and they run over and begin to play around and over him. Gally has him in the sights of her rifle, but holds her fire because of the children. As the sun sets a boy runs off with the mercenary's helmet and a little girl gives Deckman 50 a seashell before the group heads home.

Deckman 50 buries the shell in the sand and notices the sunset, which he watches. Gally fires, her shot blowing his body in half. She reports that her mission is completed as Deckman 50 is left to die in the surf, shedding a tear.


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