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Hugo had an unnamed older brother who together with his wife Nana, raised Hugo.


Hugo's brother had a shock of black spiky hair and thick bushy eyebrows. He had laugh lines on his face due to constantly laughing and smiling. He usually wore a thick jacket with a light scarf and pants.


While not much is known of Hugo's brother, it is obvious that he loved his younger brother and took him in after the deaths of their parents. He was also ambitious and headstrong, wishing to view and fly to the city of Tiphares, knowing full well the risk it posed to his life and the lives of his surviving family.



It is obvious that Hugo's older brother cared for Hugo's well being, immediately taking him in without a second thought.


Hugo's brother clearly loved his wife Nana, despite her reservations about his goal to visit Tiphares.


Like Hugo, his older brother was proficient in being a mechanic; he was also proficient enough to create a flying ship that was fully capable of flying in a short period of time.


At some point before the start of the series, Hugo's brother met and married a woman named Nana, living within the Scrapyard and working for the Factory as an engineer. Eventually, his parents died and he took in his younger brother Hugo to take care of him.

One day, Hugo's brother told him what he knew about the city of Tiphares and both expressed their thoughts about what the city was and what it could hold for people. Eventually, Hugo's brother became determined to fly to Tiphares via an aircraft; this was met with enthusiasm by Hugo and some skepticism from Nana.

As Hugo's brother continues his progress, he brushes off the concerns and pleas from Nana to stop his work; he mentions that Hunter warriors are not capable of flight and it is a secret project so neither the Deckmen or Netmen would be aware of the plan. While he would bicker and argue with Nana regarding his dream, he would wait until Hugo was not present. One day, he decides to cast off on the maiden voyage with Hugo and Nana; unbeknownst to Hugo's brother, Nana made contact with a hunter-warrior named Clive Lee and sold him out in exchange for the safety of both herself and Hugo. While Hugo was sent on an errand, Hugo's brother was caught by surprise by Clive Lee and subsequently shot; it is presumed that as he lay dying, Hugo's brother watched Clive Lee destroy his flying aircraft before dying of blood loss.[1]


After his death, the head of Hugo's brother was taken by Clive Lee and his body would be taken and dismembered, with many of the body parts ended up in the hands of Vector. After running away from home, Hugo found one of his brother's hands and voluntarily traded one of his own hands for it. Hugo would also inherit his brother's dream to one day reach Tiphares.

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