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Hugo (movie)

Hugo, as he appears in the movie


The young man known as Hugo was born roughly 17 years prior to Alita's discovery in the Scrapyard. His father was a farm worker. Injuries and strain on his father's body resulted in the need for his father to receive cybernetic limb replacements. Eventually, his father died on the job from a heart attack and his mother not long after. Desperate to find a means for his living in Iron City, Hugo sought employment from the Factory manager, Vector, who offered him pay in exchange for salvaged parts from Cyborgs, which Hugo and his gang consisting of Tanji and Koyomi often obtained by illegally jacking, a crime involving ambushing cyborgs and cutting off limbs for sale to Vector or on the Black Market for a price. From the money obtained through the jacking activities, Hugo, Tanji, and Koyomi were able to earn themselves an income, and Hugo was able to live in a downtown apartment. Hugo also took time to search for salvaged parts and perform repairs in town for clients, including Dyson Ido.

As Hugo grew, he always saw the floating overhead city of Zalem, with the bad memories of his parents' deaths, he thought of living in a paradise that the cheap labor that killed his father would no longer be an issue. His desire to reach this perceived paradise devolved into an obsession.


With a memory of his father's unfortunate demise, Hugo was hesitant and usually did not kill victims of his jacking operations. His double life led to him questioning his relationship with Alita, who was herself a Cyborg as well.