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The Hunter-Warrior Arc is the third story arc of Battle Angel Alita.


Some time passes and as Alita becomes a more renowned Hunter Warrior, she tracks down a Factory bounty named Megil and loses consciousness during the ensuing battle. She awakens to find a kid named Hugo looking at her before the now transformed Megil returns to finish her off. The two eventually are able to defeat and kill the crazed bounty and as Hugo leaves, Alita begins noticing an unfamiliar feeling within her. She proceeds to spend more time with Hugo and develops a crush upon the young man. She brings this up to both Ido and Gonzu, with them responding that it is not unusual for cyborgs to crave a relationship with a human in the Scrapyard. Unbeknownst to Alita, Hugo is part of a group of criminals and thieves that steal spines from cyborgs to sell on the black market and works in conjunction with Vector, one of the highest dealing brokers in the Scrapyard.[1] When Alita meets up with Hugo one day, the teen tells Alita he has been saving chips for years and tells her of his dream to one day go to Tiphares after he saves 10 million; Alita becomes determined to help him achieve it and go with Hugo to the city someday.

Meanwhile Zapan, who has come to resent Alita for effortlessly beating him in the fight at Bar Kansas, begins to try and come up with a way to get back at her; he eventually discovers her interest in Hugo and that the boy is one of the criminals stealing cyborg spines. He tracks them down one night and manages to kill two of the thieves but Hugo is able to get away. As he goes to claim the prices on the heads and report Hugo, he encounters both Alita and Ido; he gleefully informs them of Hugo being a criminal and that he will have a bounty on his head. Alita immediately leaves to track him down and Zapan incapacitates Ido, taking him away as part of his plan.[2]

Alita confronts Hugo and the teen admits that he is one of the thieves but did so in order to get enough credits to go to Tiphares. Upon hearing his reasonings for getting to the city came from his brother who was killed three years ago, Alita forgives him and hands over just enough to pass the mark needed. She then asks Hugo if he likes her and the two kiss as a thunderstorm begins nearby. Some time later, Hugo goes to get the rest of his chips when he is confronted by the Hunter Warrior who killed his brother, Clive Lee; the teen has his arm ripped off and Alita comes to his aid. She bests Lee and charges him with enough electricity to cause him to get struck by lightning and is killed. Alita quickly tries to find a way to save Hugo before he bleeds to death.

Traveling back to the Factory with a large bundle around her, Alita is confronted by Zapan and Netman 2. Zapan mentions how Alita is harboring a Factory bounty in violation of Factory Law and shows a captive Ido so Alita can't run away. She unwarps the bundle and shows Hugo's head; this satisfies the Netman and both Ido and Zapan are dumbfounded. Zapan soon realizes that Alita hooked Hugo's head to her life support system and tries to accost her; this triggers the Netman to target Zapan for trying to steal a bounty from another Warrior and Alita slices his face off.[3] After Ido and Gonzu save Hugo by transplanting his head onto a cyborg body, Ido reveals that no person from the surface can go to Tiphares and Vector was lying to Hugo the entire time; Alita resolves to confront him once Hugo is back on his feet.[4]

The two travel to Vector's office and Hugo presents the 10 million chips that Vector requested; after the man tries reasoning with Hugo to stay in the Scrapyard, he confirms that the deal was a farce and the only way to go to the city is in pieces. Hugo becomes enraged at Vector, who deploys his bodyguard to throw them out; Alita quickly kills the guard and after Hugo starts deliriously laughing, he jumps through a nearby window. Alita follows him to one of the service tubes going to Tiphares and tries to convince him to come back with her. After they go back and forth, Hugo agrees and begins climbing down; unfortunately, he is then torn apart by one of the defense rings that navigate across the tubes. Grabbing Hugo, Alita tries to hoist him up by his arm which is beginning to break apart. Accepting his fate, Hugo tells Alita how glad he is to have met her and thanks her; his arm then snaps off completely and Hugo falls to his death below.[5]

Story Impact[]

Alita falls in love for the first time and is devastated upon Hugo's death; this causes her to run away from home and abandon all traces of her life as a Hunter Warrior and all relations to Ido for a period of time. After confronting Alita and getting his face sliced off, Zapan would begin a downward spiral in where he would become consumed by his hatred and fear of Alita.

The first hints of Ido's past are revealed, having once been a resident of Tiphares who was exiled at some point many years ago.

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