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The Intro Arc is the first story arc of Battle Angel Alita.


While inspecting through the numerous trash heaps located throughout the Scrapyard for parts, a cyber physician named Daisuke Ido discovers the head and torso of a young female cyborg. He takes her back to his clinic and revives her; he proceeds to assemble a body for her with spare parts and gives her the name Alita. One night as he hunts targets down as part of his second job as a hunter warrior, Alita tags along and Ido discovers she knows the ancient martial art known as Panzer Kunst.

Story Impact[]

  • Daisuke Ido discovers the remains of a cyborg girl in the Scrapyard while scavenging for parts.
    • Ido and his friend Gonzu reawaken her and discover that she is an amnesiac, with no recollection of her own name or past.
      • Ido names her "Alita" after his pet cat which died a month prior.
    • Ido deduces that her model is two or three centuries old and that her brain has been preserved in a kind of hibernation state.
  • Ido introduces Alita to the Scrapyard and to the floating utopia of Tiphares that is suspended above it.
  • After a female cyborg is attacked at night by an unseen assailant, Ido purchases her arms as spare parts from a dealer as a gift for Alita.
    • Ido vows to make Alita "more beautiful" with each new part.

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