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Japanese release Self-published online in 1999

Iron Fist (アイアン・フィスト Aian Fisuto?) is a short one-shot doujinshi by Yukito Kishiro that was drawn in 1987. It was never published and has not been translated into English. Kishiro later posted it on his website.


Kishiro drew Iron Fist in August 1987 at the request of a friend who was drawing doujinshi. He was inspired by the Motörhead album Iron Fist as well as the music video for the title track. The album's cover art can clearly be seen as the titular "Iron Fist" in the doujinshi, which also incorporates Blackletter script for the title similar to that used for the album. The doujinshi is B5 in size. Kishiro was unable to publish Iron Fist at the time, but it was posted on his website twelve years later.


The protagonist is a man with glasses dressed in a dark hat and trench coat pulling a rolling case. He is in search of a criminal with a trademark right fist based on the Iron Fist album cover art. The man tracks this criminal to a back alley and comes face to face with him. Threatened by the criminal, he removes his glasses and quickly assembles a large hammer that itself features the iron fist in its head. Before the criminal can react, his head is smashed in by the hammer.


The character featured in Iron Fist is clearly seen to have been a prototype for Daisuke Ido, having a similar appearance, dress, and weapon.

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