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BAALO08 38-39 Phase 45
Ixchel and its fragments crashing into East Asia in Phase 45
Japanese name イシュチェル
Romanized name Ishucheru
English name Ixchel
Type Asteroid
Debut Phase 45

Ixchel was a massive asteroid that crashed into the Earth in ES 55, triggering a prolonged impact winter. It was the catalyst of the Geo Catastrophe, which nearly wiped out human civilization.[1]


A year after Merlin had predicted a huge meteor impact,[2] an asteroid with an estimated diameter of 14 km smashed into the island of Honshu. Multiple fragments that had broken off in atmospheric entry also slammed into East Asia. The impact from the asteroid, later named Ixchel, was so powerful that it carved out a 230 km wide crater, obliterating central Honshu. The Earth was shaken, its axis tilted, and the ozone layer was blown away. A massive tsunami was triggered, sweeping hundreds of kilometers inland. Massive amounts of dust were thrown up into the stratosphere, creating thick clouds that blanketed the entire planet. The resulting winter lasted for 71 years.


The asteroid was named after the Mayan moon and water goddess and patron of childbirth. The consort of Itzamna, the Mayan lord of the heavens, Ixchel is sometimes depicted as an old woman with sharp claws and called the "Fearsome Crone".[3]


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