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Izuchi (イズチ Izuchi?) was a bounty and Makaku's cyborg henchman who assisted him by procuring dog brains to maintain his endorphin addiction, either by purchasing the animals live or by hunting them.


Izuchi was a tall, gangly cyborg with cybernetic limbs, although his trunk and head remained human. He wore wraparound sunglasses and had a high brush cut. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having orange hair.[1] In the OVA he wears dark red sunglasses and has straight, light purple eyebrows. His hair is light green and his limbs are navy blue. In Gunnm: Martian Memory his limbs are this color while his hair is light pink.


It is implied that Izuchi became a bounty and took to working for Makaku to survive.[2] This association protected him as Makaku had become such a feared bounty that hunter-warriors were reluctant to go after him despite being on the bounty list for years. Despite his reduced circumstances and the stress that having to worry about keeping Makaku satisfied entailed, Izuchi stuck with his job. Following his death however Makaku cannibalised Izuchi's limbs to create a disguise.


Izuchi's tools of his trade were short javelins which he threw to kill dogs and a sickle for decapitating them.


BAA01 51 Death of Izuchi

Ido kills Izuchi in Battle 2.

Izuchi and Makaku first appeared after Alita registered as a hunter-warrior. Izuchi tried to buy the brains of Duke Fang from Master but was turned down. He then nervously watched as Makaku went into an endorphin withdrawal and started grabbing random passers by to pry open their heads and suck their brains. Izuchi was later hunting dogs in an alley and collecting their heads while musing about the earlier incident when Daisuke Ido suddenly appeared from around a corner and decapitated him with one blow from his rocket hammer. After Makaku escaped into the sewers following his battle with Ido and Alita, he returned to the scene of the fight and used Izuchi's limbs to put together a makeshift body to disguise himself.[3]

Other appearances[]


Rasha in Rusty Angel.

Izuchi appears in the OVA as Rasha. While he and Grewcica are stalking a woman, Ido attempts to take them both on. He severs Rasha's left arm with his rocket hammer but gets stabbed with the sickle Rasha is holding in his right arm. When he threatens Ido, Gally rushes in and tackles him before punching his head off. Rasha's association with Grewcica, a notorious brain eater, is given as the reason for his bounty by Deckman 10 when his head is brought in.

In Gunnm: Martian Memory, Izuchi is a recurring bounty encountered in the Scrapyard who uses throwing knives.