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BAA04 149 Jashugan
Jashugan in Battle 21
Number 0
League Top
Ranking 1
Team Gears
Nicknames "Emperor"
Relatives Shumira (younger sister)
Unnamed brother-in-law
8 unnamed nieces and nephews
Fighting style Maschine Klatsch
Weapons Motors in both arms
Debut Battle 13

Jashugan (ジャシュガン Jashugan?), known in Japan as Jasugun, was the reigning Top League motorball champion until his defeat by Alita. A former rival of Ed, his mastery of the powerful cyborg martial art Maschine Klatsch. In B.K. 5 his reconstructive brain surgery done by Desty Nova helped him become champion and successfully defend it for years.

Jashugan was perhaps the one opponent who Alita respected the most, largely because they were similar in many respects.[1] The two also "see each other as competitive rivals instead of hated enemies".[2] Jashugan's only family was his younger sister Shumira.


Jashugan, concept art

Jashugan, as he appeared in the concept-art for the movie

A tall man with dark skin, shoulder-length light hair and piercing eyes, Jashugan had metallic bands along the sides of his head and face. He used a white bipedal motorball body that had powerful motors mounted in each arm. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts Jashugan with tanned skin and dark blonde hair, with the markings along his face and head being a metallic silver. [3]



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