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Jashugan's master was the unnamed Maschine Klatsch master who passed on the powerful cyborg martial art to him.


The master was an old cyborg with light-like eyes, a brush-like mustache, long beard, and a short, dark metallic body. His fingers had miniature motors on them similar to those that were on Jashugan's motorball body. He wore a conical hat and long robe.


The master's origins were not specified, but it is implied that he came from the Scrapyard. Jashugan appears to have been his sole student, as no further mention of Maschine Klatsch is made following his death.

On the eve of his challenge race against Alita in ES 578[1], Jashugan sought out his master in a junkyard. The latter had been expecting him and faced his student without hesitation. The two matched their chi and Jashugan's mastery of Reflective Resonance enabled him to send that of his master's back into his body, causing fatal injuries. His master however did not rue his death, complimenting him and asking Jashugan what was bothering him. He was surprised at Jashugan's fear of his absolute death and realised that his concern for Shumira was holding him back from truly being able to become a machine. He urged his student to kill her and thus remove the cause of his doubt, claiming that machines did not need love with his final words.


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