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Fighting abilities[]

BAA03 56 Jashugan

Jashugan about to compete in a Top League race with his arm removed as a handicap in Battle 14

Jashugan is a master of the Maschine Klatsch, a formidable cyborg martial art of which he is the only practitioner of following the death of his master. He is also adept at focusing his chi, which enables him to concentrate a lot of power into even a normal civilian cyborg body and defeat opponents in powered-up cyborg bodies by focusing on the weak points. Just before his challenge race against Alita, Jashugan masters reflective resonance, which can create a destructive vibratory feedback by matching the opponent's chi. After Ed's retirement, no other motorball player can match him in combat except for Alita and her Panzer Kunst.

Jashugan is so good that when he races, he must handicap himself by removing his right arm and face three-man challenge teams. His motorball body has powerful grinders built into each arm capable of rotating at high speeds, which increases the deadliness of his Maschine Klatsch as they can tear through cyborg armor and dismember opposing players. Nonetheless, his flatline attacks have resulted in him participating in fewer races over time.