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Seen as a prideful man by the fans and other motorball competitors, Jashugan is a notorious player in the sport; having been a practitioner of the art known as Maschine Klatsch, he is able to effortlessly defeat his opponents in motorball and has well earned the title of champion. He is known to frequently compete with a handicap; while many could see this as giving his opponents a chance against him, Jashugan does it in order to give himself a challenge and to test his Maschine Klatsch abilities; it is believed that, since his rise to becoming champion, the only time he competed without a handicap was during his final match against Alita for the title of champion.[1]

Despite this confident and arrogant persona, Jashugan is actually a caring individual who looks after his sister and strives to secure her a stable life. While knowing that he is certainly near death, Jashugan is quite fearful of it and cannot reconcile himself to his "absolute death"[2].



Shumira is Jashugan's younger sister, who he loves very much and supports, although he is rarely expressive of his emotions. His pending death and concern for Shumira hold Jashugan back from the secret of Maschine Klatsch, which his master claims is "to synchronize with the rotating machine" and thus being a machine, not fear death.[3] He is not ruthless enough of his pursuit of his art however, to kill Shumira and thus remove his source of doubt as his master admonishes him to.

Daisuke Ido[]

Having been resuscitated by Ido, Jashugan presumably respected his abilities. Despite this, he initially held some reservations about Ido, expecting the doctor to harbor some ulterior motive for helping him. However, they are able to reach an understanding.


Initially considering Alita as just another motorball competitor, Jashugan learns about her raw strength and witnesses firsthand her power in motorball. The two competitors develop a mutual sense of respect between them, with Jashugan seeing Alita as a worthy successor to his reign as champion; he would even fight against his body to stay alive long enough for the two to fight in the motorball arena.


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