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Jaya Narasimhah was the ZOTT Participant Morgue attendant during the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.


The photo on Narasimhah's name tag shows that he was a dark skinned, clean-shaven man. His appearance and name suggest that he was of South Asian descent like many of the LADDER staff. He wore a white Gandhi cap bearing the LADDER symbol of the front, white long sleeved shirt, white pants, and white boots.


Following her defeat by Alita in Round 1, Caerula Sanguis' body was taken to the ZOTT Participant Morgue. Acting on his previous knowledge of Caerula, Aga Mbadi stopped by and did not find Narasimhah at his station. He went down to the morgue and found Caerula's gurney. When he ripped off the sheet covering the body, he found Narasimhah's desiccated body with two deep bite marks in the neck in its place. However he was hardly surprised to discover that Caerula had disappeared.