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Jigen School
BAA03 47 Armor Togo
Togo in Battle 13.
Origin Japan
Users Togo
Debut Battle 13

The Jigen School is a Japanese school of swordsmanship that was practiced by Togo.


Togo crossed blades with Alita in her fifth Third League race when he challenged her at the final corner. Assuming the Dragonfly Stance, he matched his Sword of Long Light against her Damascus Blade. However Alita cut through the katana and raced past. As Togo stared at the remains of the Sword of Long Light in disbelief, his head then fell off as Alita took the race. It is possible that he survived, as other players who were decapitated during other races are shown to have survived.


  • Lightning Thrust: A swift downward stroke executed from the Dragonfly Stance.


It is based on an actual school of martial arts called Jigen-ryū.

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