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Jim Roscoe (ジム・ロスコー Jimu Rosukō?) was a young Tipharean who became Desty Nova's assistant after the latter returned to Tiphares. He was one of the deviants of Tipharean society, much like Nova and Daisuke Ido.


Jim is a slim young man with short, fair hair who wore a long sleeved light colored jacket over a white shirt and dark pants and shoes. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having white hair and wearing a light brown jacket.[1]


Initially a bright and gifted youth, Jim's personality would undergo a significant shift upon hearing the existence of the brain bio-chips. He would then declare all adult Tiphareans to be enemies and strived to lead fellow Tipharean youths to victory throughout the ensuing civil war, expressing ruthlessness and calculating attacks. Jim would go on to develop a nihilistic view of life upon reaching the MIB core, seeing all lives in the city as worthless and turning his back on the few allies he had who were still alive.


Casey Roscoe[]

From their interactions, Jim and his C.C.M. Casey did not appear to have been close. The latter readily pinned Jim's foot to the ground with a thrown knife and was about to cut off his toes before Jim managed to escape.

Nola Lafargue[]

It is believed while Jim appreciated and acknowledged Nola as an ally against the adults in Tiphares, he did not view her in the same way she did towards him. After his death and memories emerged within Sachumodo, he would often call out to Nola in a deranged state to play with him.

Desty Nova[]

Jim was a protégé of Desty Nova who recognized his potential and took him into his confidence, allowing him to participate in Alita's reconstruction. However Nova did not anticipate how Jim would react to his revelation of the brain bio-chips, resulting in his death.


It is implied that Jim was created by the G.E.N.E. Project. Apart from Casey, it is presumed that he had no other known family.


Tiphares Arc[]

Jim had become Nova's protégé and assisted with Alita's reconstruction. He seemed to have a bright future with Nova until the scientist brought down Tipharean society by publicly revealing the truth about the brain bio-chips. This lead Jim to kill Nova to see if he was telling the truth, beginning his spiral into despair over the state of the world. Jim assumed the leadership of a band of children and young adults who still retained their brains when Tiphares erupted into chaos and civil war. While Jim was rounding up children to help in the war, he personally recruited a girl named Nola LaFargue who recently lost both her parents to suicide after Nova made his announcement. He led a break in into the Medical Inspection Bureau Core in order to permanently shut the M.I.B. down, where he was confronted by his C.C.M., Casey, who was attempting the same thing in order to achieve the opposite result, bring the M.I.B. back online but with revised programming.

Despite the deaths of his followers Jim was able to escape Casey's clutches and enter the core. Cursing his followers for not buying him enough time, Jim sees firsthand the instruments that were used to create the Tiphareans, such as the Mother Machine, DNA organ, and DNA data bank. The truths about Tiphares began to weigh heavily on Jim, reaching their breaking point when he discovered that he was created by the G.E.N.E. Project. He then unleased his giant robot, Sachumodo, which had a brain bio-chip that contained his memories, as a tool of vengeance to destroy Tiphares. Soon after it appeared Jim was shot through the throat with an arrow by one of Casey's men and fell to his death. Despite his physical death, Sachumodo carried Jim's body around for a while, using it as a puppet. When confronted by Nova II, Sachumodo dissolved Jim's body at the molecular level to prevent him from being resurrected.


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