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Jim Roscoe memorial
BAALO02 127 Jim Roscoe memorial
The Jim Roscoe memorial in Phase 10.
Part of Dome Park
Type Memorial
Debut Phase 10

The Jim Roscoe memorial is a public memorial to Jim Roscoe and the Tipharean civil war in ES 591 that is located in Tiphares' Dome Park.


The memorial features of the fetus of Sachumodo, which is enclosed in a transparent multifaceted crystal. It is displayed on a dark stone pedestal supported by a decorated light coloured base.


Alita's defeat of Sachumodo resulted in reducing it to its smallest and final form, a dormant fetus within which the remnants of Jim Roscoe's memories had fallen asleep in a dreamlike state. Following the end of the Tipharean civil war the survivors agreed to create a memorial to commemorate the struggle that they had gone through as well as the reconciliation between the adults, who had had their brains replaced with brain bio-chips, and the children and teenagers who still retained their brains. Despite the risk that Sachumodo could awaken, they decided that a living memorial would serve as a powerful reminder to them of what Jim had tried to do, as they had come to believe that he stood for all of them. This was explained to Alita by Marge Mahan and Nola Lafargue when she questioned the wisdom of keeping Sachumodo alive.

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