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Jo Hann is a senior minister of the Mars Kingdom Parliament.


Hann is an elderly man who is bald, but has white bushy eyebrows, a mustache, and full beard. He wears a light coloured hooded full-length robe with vertical stripes. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having tanned skin, white hair, and wearing a light orange robe with black stripes.[1]


It is suggested that Hann is a skilled diplomat, as he was tasked with meeting with Aga Mbadi to convince him to permit the Kingdom Parliament delegation to speak at a LADDER session. He is protective of Queen Limeira and much stricter than she is, acting as a father figure.


Three months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Hann presented Aga Mbadi with a gift of choice ice cubes from Saturn's rings and persuaded him to allow Queen Limeira's retinue to attend a session of LADDER. When their appearance generated opposition from the Venusian and Jovian delegations, he explained to Limeira that this was because neither side's faction was also represented. After König greeted the delegates, causing some brief consternation, Hann remarked that that was enough ventriloquism, causing the Venusians to face fault.

Following the session Hann was relieved that the Kingdom Parliament was able to receive LADDER support, including three months of aid. He then told Zazie that they were to rendezvous with Leviathan I at Point L2. When Mbadi appeared, Hann thanked him and brought his presence to Limeira's attention. After she departed Ketheres with her retinue, Hann asked the pilot of their vessel what was wrong, and called out for her to come back inside the ship after she went out to stop the fight between Zazie and Alita.

Although Limeira invited Alita and her companions to ask for assistance while they were on Leviathan I, Hann angrily told them to keep their distance. He also recommended punishing Zazie because her helping Alita in the Combat Chamber resulted in unwanted exposure via Combat TV and delayed the departure for Mars. Limeira however saw the forging of Zazie's friendship with Alita as having been worth the trip and rejected the suggestion.

Hann was later shown in a meeting with Limeira and some other Kingdom Parliament officials on board the Alswider following Operation Hagel.[2]


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