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For the bar where Ed found Alita following Hugo's death, see Joe's Bar.
Joh's Bar
Artist Kaoru Wada
Genre Instrumental
Length 1:36
Appears in OVA

"Joh's Bar" is an instrumental song composed by Kaoru Wada that appears in the OVA. Characterized by a predominant repetitive theme and the use of percussion instruments, it is on the Gunnm: Another Story soundtrack. "Joh's Bar" first plays when Daisuke Ido and Chiren have a talk at a Scrapyard bar and later when Yugo robs a cyborg of his spinal column.

The song's title has created the impression that the owner of Bar Kansas was named Joh in the OVA. However he never appears, nor was he ever named either in Battle Angel Alita or in Last Order. He is referred to as "Master" in Gunnm: Martian Memory and later in the timeline that accompanies the tankōbon of Gunnm: Another Stories.