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König (German for "king") is Queen Limeira's talking teddy bear and constant companion without whom she is almost never seen. His true nature has yet to be revealed, but he is capable of speech and independent thought, often speaking on behalf of the Mars Kingdom Parliament. Despite the apparent incongruity that would normally be expected from Limeira carrying a teddy bear around all the time, König's presence is accepted by her advisors and retinue.


König is a large, light coloured teddy bear who wears a crown and dark button up vest which is kept open. He also has his own miniature spacesuit.[1] An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as being a light yellow while his crown is bronze and his vest is red.[2] Limeira had a teddy bear when she was a toddler, but this one was much smaller than König.


When Queen Limeira attended a Ladder session in ES 591, König greeted the delegates. This caused the Venusians and Jovians to briefly suspect that her father King Remsen had hidden his brain inside König to escape assassination. Although Minister Jo Hann told Queen Limeira to stop the ventriloquy, König was an equal participant during Aba Mbadi's audience with Limeira following the session. When she ventured outside the Samoyed I to break up the fight between Zazie and Alita, König accompanied her in his miniature spacesuit.

After the Samoyed I arrived at Leviathan I, König was briefly stolen by a runaway Giraud when he was set down by Limeira to have tea. After Alita and Sechs defeated the two agents from Colonel Payne's juvenile infantry school sent to recover Giraud, he turned König over to Alita. Limeira and Zazie then found König in Alita's company through the use of a tracking device. König revealed that he had been picked up by Giraud and suggested that they buy his platoon in an effort to save him.

During Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the SNS Guntroll fled Ketheres and made a break for Mars while Caerula Sanguis fought Alita. König was the first member of the Kingdom Parliament to greet the Guntroll crew, followed by Limeira, who welcomed them to Mars.


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