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Unit 402
BAALO 14 42 K Truppe
K Truppe in action during Operation Hagel in Phase 83
Japanese name K 部隊
Romanized name K Butai
English name K Truppe
Origin Mars
Affiliations Mars Front der Befreien
Type Commando unit
Debut Phase 83

The K Truppe (German for "K Troop"), also known as the "massacre unit"[1], is the Mars Front der Befreien's commando unit.


The unit was deployed in support of Operation Hagel, a joint military operation to recapture Olympus Spaceport in ES 591. During the fighting they engaged the Neo-Third Reich Division at Echo Building, during which multiple hostages were killed. Whether by accident or design, K Truppe later got mixed up in fighting their temporary allies during the operation, the Mars Kingdom Parliament's airborne brigade Gespenst.


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