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Kale (ケイル Keiru?) was a robot who was Ping Wu's prosthetic left hand and assisted him with his hacking.


Kale was light coloured and had two circular "eyes" on top. He had articulated fingers which could expand in order to fulfill a variety of functions, such as analysis or locomotion. Kale could be detached and connected to a computer terminal to operate independently. On the cover of volume 2 of the Gunnm: Last Order New Edition he is depicted as being red.


Despite having a semi-independent nature, Kale largely deferred to Ping Wu rarely spoke no matter what Ping was doing.


Ping used Kale for analysis and to also to back up difficult hacking jobs, such as the infiltration of Melchizedek. He could be detached from Ping's forearm to operate independently as part of a computer terminal or move around. As a robot he could operate in outer space.


It is implied that Ping created Kale after losing his left forearm when he attempted to hack into the first Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 491 and was defeated by Trinidad.[1]


After Alita and her companions had been ejected from Ketheres and into space by Aga Mbadi, they were rescued by Ping. After they were taken back into Ketheres, Kale detached to analyse the cube polymers that that the rescuees were trapped in and told Ping what the lock code was, enabling him to free Alita first. Ping then introduced himself and Kale. After they had agreed to work together in exchange for Desty Nova's brain bio-chips, Kale informed Ping that Landa Nam Nam had heard about the rescue.

BAALO10 72 Death of Kale

The death of Kale in Phase 58.

When they later stowed away on the Samoyed I, Zazie discovered them and slashed through the hull with her super ceramic knife, stabbing Ping's right hand. After he succeeded in bandaging it, Kale informed him that he was stable. Alita saved Queen Limeira when she ventured out to stop the fight between her and Zazie, enabling them to continue on to Leviathan I. Here Ping reunited with his former partner, Martin Tsang, during which they got into a massive argument over Martin's running out on Ping a hundred years ago. When Martin noticed Ping's prosthetic hand, the latter fired Kale at him to punch him.

Kale was detached and inserted into Ping's terminal on the Space Angels' ship for the dive into Melchizedek with the aid of the Fata Morgana. When Trinidad appeared to stop them, Ping and Kale deployed combat avatar Galeed, allowing Alita and Porta-Nova to escape. Although they appeared to have trapped Trinidad with a triple-layer quantum coded ice cube which compressed him into 3 bytes, this turned out to be a decoy. Trinidad launched an immediate counterattack, using Eclipse to degrade Galeed's right hand. This caused Kale to short out and he told Ping that that was it for him before exploding.


  1. Phase 26 - Mbadi mentions that the Weasel tried to hack into the first ZOTT.

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