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Kansas 4
BAA09 240 Kansas 4
Master opening Kansas 4 in Epilogue.
Part of Scrapyard
Type Bar
Debut Battle Angel Alita Epilogue

Kansas 4 (カンザス 4 Kanzasu 4?) is the fourth and latest incarnation of Bar Kansas.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Master had tried to restart Kansas following the destruction of Bar New Kansas in ES 580[1], but got into debt and was unsuccessful. However the success of Barjack War Chronicle when it was published in ES 592[2] enabled him to successfully open Kansas 4. It is suggested that the bar is still operating in ES 595 when Koyomi visits Ketheres Elyion, as she and her assistant are wearing shirts that say "Kansas" on the front, and Koyomi also has a Kansas-branded vest.

Last Order[]

Kansas 4 does not exist in Last Order which is set in ES 591 when Koyomi is 14 and has yet to publish Barjack War Chronicle.


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