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Kaulquappe (German for "tadpole"), known in Japan as Gerkut (ゲルクト Gerukuto?), was a Künstler who assigned Yoko to carry out Operation Maulwurf.


In ES 386[1] Yoko, then a member of the Kammer Gruppe, was chosen by Kaulquappe to carry out Operation Maulwurf over the objections of Tzykrow, the Kammer Gruppe instructor. Although she successfully uploaded Program Guinevere to Melchizedek, Alita was captured by Caerula Sanguis and Grünthal was subsequently destroyed. It is unknown if Kaulquappe survived.


Tzykrow reminded Alita of her role in Operation Maulwurf when she infiltrated Melchizedek again in ES 591. He claimed that he would never have given her such a vital mission and called Kalulquappe a buffoon for having done so.


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