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Kern Granate 510
BAA09 160 Kern Granate 510
Leader holding a Kern Granate 510 in Battle 51.
English name Kern Granate 510
Type Nuclear grenade
Users Künstlers
Debut Battle 51

The Kern Granate 510 (German for "nuclear grenade") was a portable nuclear grenade that was used by Künstlers during the Terraforming Wars.


The grenade was a cylinder that could held in one hand and strapped to the wielder's body. Its name was marked on a handle at one end.


Originally, Yoko was on a Martian spacecraft with a group of Künstlers whose final mission was the destruction of Ketheres Elyion and Earth's orbital ring during the Terraforming Wars. Each functional Künstler was to arm themselves with a Kern Granate 510 and use a zubringer to aim for Ketheres Elyion. They were to target any section of the ring, which would trigger its collapse. After Leader issued his orders, his subordinates each strapped a grenade to themselves without question. Before they could carry out their suicide mission however, the spacecraft was suddenly attacked by a mysterious opponent. Yoko escaped using the zubringer, but her limbs and lower body were torn off and her grenade was lost. She eventually crash landed on Earth and remained in stasis until she was revived 200 years later by Daisuke Ido.

In Last Order, how Alita arrived on Earth was retconned, as she was sentenced to atmosphere drop as punishment for carrying out Operation Maulwurf.[1]


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