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Ketheres Aquarium
BAALO03 101 Astro Ocean
The Astro Ocean in Phase 16.
Part of Ketheres
Type Aquarium
Debut Phase 15

The Ketheres Aquarium (イエールのアクアリウム Iēru no Akuariumu?) is a massive aquarium on Ketheres. It is known for the Astro Ocean (アストロオーシャン Asutoro Ōshan?).

The aquarium runs through a large part of Ketheres and is incorporated into the walls and floors of certain areas. The Astro Ocean is located in one of the high rises which projects from below Ketheres, providing an unparalleled view of the Earth.[1] Numerous species of saltwater fish are housed in the aquarium, such as sunfish, various rays, and whale sharks. There are also mammals such as sea turtles and dolphins.


The aquarium was first seen when Ping Wu described Unanimous. Some residents of Ketheres were shown in a public area where the floor is part of the aquarium. When Aga Mbadi met with Jo Hann, their meeting area prominently featured the aquarium. Following the LADDER session, the Mars Kingdom Parliament delegation retired to a waiting area where Queen Limeira was able to gaze at the aquarium in wonder. When she asked if the fish were real, Mbadi personally confirmed that they were when he arrived to meet with them. For their audience, he showed Limeira the Astro Ocean. Here she asked if Mbadi would donate some of the fish when peace returned to Mars and they created their own ocean. Her sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm for the aquarium momentarily threw Mbadi off before he was able to speak about business.