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The Ketheres Arc is the second story arc of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.


Upon agreeing to travel with Nova II, Alita travels up the connecting elevator between Tiphares and Ketheres. She reminds Elf and Zwölf that they have to be careful and scouts the room with Sechs. A man appears and welcomes them to Ketheres, introducing himself as Aga Mbadi. He reveals to Nova that he is the fourth individual from Tiphares who discovered the existence of the brain bio-chips without being driven to madness. When asked about the status of the three who came before him, Nova does not trust Mbadi's response and has Alita grab him. Unbeknownst to any of them, Mbadi hacked the bodies of the four cyborgs the moment he entered the room and immobilizes Sechs along with Elf and Zwölf after the latter two forcefully bring Nova to him. After taking control of Alita and have her bisect herself, Mbadi ejects the cyborgs and Deckman 100 out into space before revealing he has taken the three brain bio-chips for himself. He then later has Nova dissected and confiscates Nova's bio-chip.

As Alita, Sechs, Elf and Zwölf float away, a man named Ping Wu has them rescued and taken to his hideout underneath Ketheres. He then tries to force Alita to repay him for the rescue and they come to an agreement with Alita giving him one of the original brain biochips from Desty Nova, giving him the other when they recover the brain of Lou Collins. After passing through Robo-Asyl, Alita and Ping eavesdrop on a LADDER session featuring members of both the Venus and Jupiter coalitions; they decide to hitch a ride with a departing group from Mars, but are caught. As Alita fights a warrior named Zazie who is guarding the Martian Royal Family, the princess Limeira tries to cease hostilities but begins floating away herself. Fortunately, Alita is able to rescue her and bring her back aboard the ship.

Story Impact[]

Nova II would unknowingly bring together the core members that would form the team known as the Space Angels for the Zenith of Thing Tournament. Aga Mbadi would be revealed as having harvested the brain bio-chips .to augment his own abilities

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