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Keun the Kaufmann is a Grünthal Künstler fronting as a shoe salesman under the Mosby company at Firma Mosby Schumacher.[1] He usually is referred to through a combination of his name and codename of Kaufmann. Keun is pursuing secret work in the town of Dejah Thoris.[2]


Keun is a fair skinned man with short, dark, unkempt hair. He appears to be in his 30s and has a very masculine and angular face with an athletic and muscular fully cyborg body to match. He has two metal attachments on top of his hair and two more spiky metal attachments to his ears that jut out onto his cheeks in a way that resembles the typical Künstler eye black, most likely implying him being a Künstler.

He has been seen primarily in the uniform of a Fardarrig soldier in order to pursue his secret goals. He wears an unbuttoned. long sleeved, dark jacket with their logo on it on the left sleeve. The jacket also has metal-looking shoulder pads and textured inner elbow fabric. The pants look similar and also possess a textured appearance on the inner legs and ankles as well as having metal-looking knee pads. He mostly goes without a helmet but when he needs to disguise himself he wears it with the chin-strap undone. In combat he takes off the jacket and reveals the sleeveless black crop top he wears underneath.



Keun is a very private person. He addresses very little other than business to all but those within Grünthal such as his coworkers in Mosby Co. He is quick to become angry and vulgar and has little patience for people he does not trust. He especially seems to have a distaste for children and shows them no sympathy when most others would, even leaving them to die outright in one situation.[3]

Despite his grumpiness, Keun has a more personable side however as shown in his ability to make deals,[4] play the piano,[5] and show modesty in relation to his combat skills.[6]


Mosby Co.[]

Haferkamp and Heylin Burdach of Mosby Co. are Keun's direct allies within Grünthal and are those he seems to have the most connection to. They refer to him as a man who is very good at his job and insist that he is trustworthy[1] as well as show concern for his well-being.[2] Heylin shows some knowledge of Keun's private past involving Wami. He still refuses however to fully trust her with his true mission.[2]

Big Madam[]

Keun's relationship with Big Madam is mostly professional. He knows a significant amount about her past and the story of the Dejah Thoris since they involve information he requires for his mission. They seem to have a mutual respect for each other and are able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement involving the Fardarrig forces stationed on Dejah Thoris.[4]

Erica and Yoko[]

Due to his distaste for children, Keun shows little sympathy towards the fact that Erica and Yoko are orphans looking for shelter. This hostility of his towards the two in their time of need upsets Yoko and causes Erica to turn on him; Erica would even go as far as attempting to sabotage him and even nearly killing him.[7]


Little is known about the relationship between Keun and Das. Das seemed to trust him enough to advise Erica and Yoko to find "The Kaufmann" in Cydonia in order to have themselves taken care of. Despite this trust, Keun seemed to spurn this offer both due to his dislike of children and Erica as well as due to the fact that Das had owed him a debt before passing away.[2]


Due to his private nature, Keun discloses little about his old girlfriend Wami other than the fact that she guides his mission on Dejah Thoris and that he seems very attached to her still, to the point where he plays a piece that she used to like on piano.


MC035 Keun cartridges

Keun using his elbow cartridges to counter an attack in Log 035 part 2

Keun is a practitioner of Panzer Kunst and therefore carries the basic techniques of the martial art. His fighting style attacks joints and weak points as well as uses rolling motions in order to defeat enemies bigger and physically stronger than he is. He claims to be extremely weak compared to most of the people in Grüthal despite being described as "giga tough" by Yunie and incapacitating three strong cyborg enemies in one battle.[6] If his modesty is the truth, this is more a testament to the overall strength of Panzer Kunst as an art that even the lowest level members are at his level of strength.

MC035 Keun wire

Keun using a wire to behead Captain Hendricks in Log 035 part 2

Alongside the basic hand to hand Panzer Kunst, Keun supplements these abilities with other weapons such as bullet cartridges he can eject out of his elbows to deflect attacks similar to Erica's future bullet deflection technique Kugel Keit. He also uses a thin wire resembling mono-molecular wire to easily cut through cyborg enemies.

In terms of non-combat abilities, Keun also is able to proficiently play piano or at least the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven on piano.


Not much is known of Keun's history other than the fact that at some point he was recruited for Grünthal and sent on missions. He also rarely mentions his old girlfriend, Wami, the person his mission in Dejah Thoris is based around.[2]


Mars Chronicle[]

Keun is at some point while looking for ship records of the Dejah Thoris relating to his mission involving Wami is captured by the Fardarrig forces that control the city. He easily escaped however by bribing a soldier to take his place in the cell and disguised himself as a soldier in order to traverse the ship and speak to Big Madam.[5]

Big Madam sees through his disguise easily and the two begin negotiations. He reveals the information he knows about the original crash of the Dejah Thoris, Big Madam's status as a former child passenger, and his search for Nype Nagendra Nighthorse, a man who was present on the ship that rescued Big Madam. Offering to get rid of the Fardarrig forces that Big Madam would rather want gone in exchange for records leading to information about Nype, Keun is then lead by Yunie towards his objective.[4]

Before setting off, Keun calls his allies at Firma Mosby to let them know that he is safe and exchanges some words about Wami as well as code about buying and selling shoes.[2] On the way, he is approached by Erica and asked to take her and Yoko under his wing or find them a safe place. He promptly and rudely rejects them. Keun quickly regrets this action due to the fact that Erica told the Fardarrig about his disguise and alerting them to his location as revenge. He along with Yunie, Erica, and Yoko are all captured by Jakoleva Jantzen of the Fardarrig.[7]

After Yunie becomes possessed by an outside force and takes Erica and Yoko away, Keun begins to fight the Fardarrig. He quickly kills a Sergeant, revealing to Jakoleva his true origins as a Künstler instead of as a merchant. He also quickly dispatches of Captain Hendricks before moving on to Jakoleva.[6] In this battle, he discovers that Jakoleva's human looking body is merely a disguise for a more gruesome, spider-like cyborg body with reversible joints. He fails to defeat her but manages to scare her away into a vent. Before she fully escapes, he manages to take the data on child experimentation she had stored on a drive from her by force.

Soon after this, it turns out the code he had exchanged with Haferkamp of Mosby Co. was an order to dispatch the Grünthal to his position. They arrived in huge numbers and quickly drove the Fardarrig out of Dejah Thoris.[8]


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