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Kimji (キムジィ?) was a TR-55 artificial life form who became Alita's pet and collected intelligence on her that resulted in her being chosen to be the first TUNED agent. Two of his fellow TR-55 units, Kimpi and Kimpo, appear in Last Order.


Kimji's appearance was that of a small, dark furry creature with a single eye, a pair of three-toed feet, a string-like tail ending in a white puff ball, and a pair of ears that could provide flight by spinning like a propeller. He had no visible mouth.


A thousand TR-55s were sent to the surface by the Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB) to scout for candidates for its TUNED project in ES 576.


Two years later[1], Kimji had become Alita's pet after her fourth straight motorball victory. When she got him was not revealed but she did not have him when Hugo was still alive.

During Alita's motorball career Kimji flew away to land on Shumira's finger twice, both times involving Jashugan. This first occurred when Ed and Alita went to the Galvani Circuit to watch Jashugan's Top League challenge race. Kimji flew off Alita's shoulder and she rushed through a crowd in pursuit. He landed on Shumira's outstretched finger and she asked for him but was denied.[2] The second time, Ed and Alita were again out having a meal when Kimji again flew away from Alita to land on Shumira's finger. She asked a second time for him but was told to return him by Jashugan. After Alita challenged him to an arm wrestling match with her heart literally on the line Shumira asked a third time for Kimji when she stepped in to referee in the event of the former's death Alita this time agreed. Following Jashugan stopping the match and their departure, Shumira protested that she wanted Kimji and he replied that he would buy her one just like him.[3] Eventually however, Shumira acknowledged Alita's ownership of Kimji following the defeat of Jashugan and they became friends.

BAA06 21 Alita squashes Kimji

Alita squashes Kimji in her mind in Battle 30.

Two years after Alita retired from motorball, she set off after Daisuke Ido following his attempt to recover the Berserker Body from Desty Nova, leaving Kimji with Shumira. After Alita returned, Shumira returned him, which allowed Kimji to record the subsequent fight between her and Zapan. This helped GIB chief Bigott Eizenburg intervene just in time to prevent Alita's brain from being destroyed by the Factory for the Class A offense of using a firearm in the Scrapyard. Eizenburg revealed Kimji's true nature when he recruited Alita to become a member of the TUNED, causing her to squash it flat. As this happened in Alita's mind however, Kimji's eventual fate is unknown but he has not appeared since.


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