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Kinuba (キューバ Kyūba?) was a champion prize fighter in the Coliseum.


Kinuba was an extremely tall man with a shock of dark hair that resembled an afro. He also had two distinctive tattoos along his face, running from his cheekbones up to his eyes and forehead.


Kinuba was generally seen to be quite private, due to always wishing for solitude after his fights. Quite analytical, he was seen as being unstoppable in the ring and never underestimated his opponents. He did value those who showed ingenuity and would occasionally permit fans to interact with him in-between fights.


As a champion fighter, it is presumed that Kinuba had undergone years of training and discipline. He also went through several upgrades to his Power Body, including his primary weapon the Grind-Cutters located in the right hand.


At some point in time, it is believed Kinuba decided to become a fighter in the Coliseum. He would eventually go on an undefeated streak, becoming the champion along the way.


After securing his 281st consecutive victory in the Coliseum, Kinuba takes time to relax in the Antechamber; he hears a sound and comes face to face with an intruder who claims to have become a fan of his after the fight. Impressed by how the intruder managed to get past the guards, Kinuba offers the stranger a drink. When prompted, Kinuba describes the abilities of the Grind-Cutters and how they have helped him secure his victories in the ring. He then becomes shocked when the stranger reveals himself to be Makaku, proclaiming that he will take the champion's body for himself.

Scoffing at the claim, Kinuba shot one of the Cutters towards Makaku but misses. He then is unable to move his left arm, shocked to see Makaku trying to displace the champion's head. Kinuba proclaims he will kill himself before giving up his body to the worm, aiming and firing the Grind-Cutters at himself. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful as Makaku orders the body to tear off Kinuba's head and discard it after taking control.


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