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Kinuba was a Top league motorballer who was first seen killing Ajukutty and wounding Jashugan in the Motorball game watched by Alita and Hugo on their date night.  Under Vector's orders, Hugo's jacking gang proceeded to paralyze Kinuba and slice off Kinuba's limbs to obtain his grind-cutters.  After giving Hugo and his friends their payment for Kinuba's limbs, Vector immediately proceeded to execute Kinuba in the street with a blowtorch, after letting Kinuba know that "no one is greater than the game." Referring to the fact that Kinuba had cheated his way to victory by using the grind-cutters, and Vector had punished him for doing so.


Kinuba was a ruthless motorball player desiring the championship and promised ascension by whatever means neccessary, including using the illegal grind cutters to kill Ajukutty and wound Jashugan, the current reigning champion of Motorball.

Relation to the Manga[]

Unlike the manga, Kinuba was involved in Motorball as opposed to the Colosseum. Unlike his manga counterpart, he wasn't directly killed and taken over by Makaku, but was killed as a victim of a jacking operation both as a punishment from Vector as well as a means to obtain the grind cutters as a new weapon for Grewishka.