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Knucklehead is a Barjack soldier. A former brigand, he joined the Barjack and rose to squad commander and is attached to the Boiling Metal Battalion.


While appearing as a normal human, his head actually serves as a protective covering for his brain and can be detached when damaged. In his human appearance, he is seen wearing a dark leather jacket and pants with knee pads, with sunglasses on his face. In addition, there is a chain attached to the back of his head that act similar to a ponytail. After regrouping with the other Barjack soldiers, Knucklehead discards his face covering and is seen wearing dark shoulder pads and gear that resemble an American football uniform, along with light colored pants. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as having a black and dark gray body.[1]


A ruthless individual, Knucklehead is very quick tempered and trigger happy; he even admitted that the only reason he joined Barjack was not because he believed in its cause, but for the opportunities it would give him to shoot people and ride his motorcycle, all he claims he needs in life.

He is also known to carry a grudge and will even shoot his own comrades and commanding officer to keep them from killing his quarry.


At some point after he joined Barjack, Knucklehead is shown as one of the soldiers who was interviewed by B.B. Buick.

A Boiling Metal ambush of Factory Train 12 is led by Knucklehead. Aboard the train are Alita, who is now a TUNED agent, and Figure Four and Yolg, who are serving as rail mercenaries. Knucklehead is the only member of his squad to survive Alita’s counterattack and his head is taken by her for interrogation.[2] However it gets lost in a desert tornado that Alita and her companions get caught in. The head is recovered by Knucklehead's parent unit, the Boiling Metal battalion, and restored to a cyborg body. Begging Colonel Bozzle for the chance to avenge his decimated squad, Knucklehead is given a platoon of socket soldiers, but is unaware that he is being used as a decoy. The platoon ignores Knucklehead's orders when they see his arrogance, but gets wiped out by Alita. The timely intervention of the rest of the battalion saves Knucklehead, but he is humiliated and demoted, seething with hatred for Alita and resentment at his treatment.

Knucklehead kills soldiers

Knucklehead kills several of his former allies

As he gathers up some weapons for the other Barjack soldiers, one of his superior officers belittles him; this, coupled with how Bozzle used him as a decoy, pushes Knucklehead to betray Barjack. 48 hours after Alita has lost contact with the Ground Investigation Bureau, Knucklehead and the soldiers take her to be interrogated by Den and the main Barjack forces. He sabotages the guns he gathered and also replaces the adrenaline shots with cleaning solution for the socket soldiers. As the Boiling Metal Battalion camps for the night while on its way to attack Factory Farm 22, Knucklehead turns on Barjack. Shooting Bozzle's subordinate, he ambushes his commanding officer and shoots Bozzle numerous times in the face and head. After kidnapping a semi conscious Alita, he shoots his former comrades as they try to engage him with their guns and the sockets. Taking a dune buggy, Knucklehead activates several explosives that destroy the convoy; he flips off the burning wreckage and drives into the night.[3]

Figure kills Knucklehead

Knuckle is struck by Figure, his brain casing exploding and killing him

Taking Alita to a sand dune, he pistol whips Alita and mentions that his actions were due to him wanting to kill Alita himself instead of Bozzle or one of the other soldiers. He drops her in the sand and tosses her the Damascus Blade while arming himself with a Kampfpistole Z for a duel. He goads her into the fight by claiming the both desire fighting and wanton destruction. Before they can carry it out however, Figure arrives and hits Knucklehead several times in the head; before he can defend himself, Figure strikes his brain casing and it explodes, killing Knucklehead.[4]

Other appearances[]

Knucklehead appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory as an enemy boss during the Angel of Death arc of the story. He is depicted as missing his face covering, having a red brain and yellow eyes,and wears dark blue body armor and green pants. Fogia fights him twice, first after Factory Train 12 is derailed, and again when he rescues Gally.


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