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Koba (コバ Koba?) is a cyberphysician who was the team doctor for Team Spandau.


He is a slim man with a sunken face and dark hair and wears glasses with slit lenses.


Through his connections with the Megil Corporation, Koba learned that they had two top secret drugs, Accel, and Adam, that they wanted to test. Six months before the start of the story, he approached Ben, the manager of Team Spandau, with a plan to make some chips. The team's owner also bought in, and the three conspired to secretly test both drugs on their two players, Dolagunov and Snev. This was done without the knowledge of either player. Using Accel, Dolagunov had success after success whereas by contrast, Snev could not even finish a single race, crashing each time. Things however began to go wrong after Ben left a briefcase containing a sample of Adam with Beretta and she figured out what was behind Snev's crashes.

Koba checked Snev out when he returned for his first race after the team let him go, and after the race talked to Ben about the situation. After he revealed that the briefcase was still missing, he mentioned that Accel now had 40% of the market and was expected to get to 80% in three months. Meanwhile the tests of Adam being run on Snev were nearly complete. This conversation was overheard by the diminutive Holmegolud, who was able to piece together what was going on when he met with Snev and Lorna.

After Holmegolud turned in the sample of Adam to the Motorball Commission, Koba and his assistants as well as the owner of Team Spandau fled, effectively dissolving the team.

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