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Japanese name 株式会社講談社
Romanized name Kabushiki-gaisha Kōdansha
English name Kodansha Limited
Type Kabushiki kaisha
Industry Publishing
Founded 1909
Headquarters Bunkyo, Tokyo
Area served Japan
Products Magazines, manga, picture books, light novels, educational books, reference books, other books

Kodansha Limited is the largest Japanese publisher and is headquartered in Bunkyo, Tokyo. It is the current publisher of Last Order following Yukito Kishiro's switch from Shueisha.

Publication of Last Order[]

Kishiro did not have a prior publishing relationship with Kodansha. Some of his early works were published by Shogakukan and Kadokawa[1] when he was getting started before Battle Angel Alita was picked up by Shueisha and began running in Business Jump in 1990.

However beginning in July 2010 he put Last Order, which was being serialized in Ultra Jump, on hiatus by following a dispute between him and an editor at Ultra Jump over a revision of dialog for the Gunnm: New Edition. After meeting with the editors of Ultra Jump and Evening in August, he ultimately decided to switch publishers from Shueisha to Kodansha. This ended the 20 year relationship between Kishiro and Shueisha.

Last Order was announced to Evening's lineup in February 2011[2] and resumed publication in Evening the following month. Kodansha published volume 16 of Last Order in May 2011 and began a reissue of the series, the Gunnm: Last Order New Edition, in July 2011.


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