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Koen was a cyborg monkey who was partnered with Getz. They were members of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) and the team formed from SNS members to compete in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT), the Guntroll.


Koen, like all the members of the SNS, is one of several Last Order characters adapted from fan submissions that were solicited by Yukito Kishiro from his readers. Based on a design by Crachica Mimura, his appearance was similar to that of a monkey with a prehensile tail. He had a small body and a torso designed to enable his arms to rotate rapidly. On each forearm was mounted a Pilgrim's Cane which could be extended or kept retracted when not needed.



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Despite having limited vocal capabilities, Koen and Getz had developed a synchronized fighting style in which the latter provided the primary offensive muscle while Koen protected his back. He was highly intelligent and capable of quickly responding to threats to Getz independently. Koen could also pass in and out of Getz's electromagnetic barrier.


Guntroll Arc[]

BAALO05 148 Getz & Koen's bodies

Saya with Getz and Koen's bodies inside the Guntroll base in Phase 29.

A month before the ZOTT, Getz and Koen were deployed in support of the SNS Guntroll's recovery of children who were ejected in storage containers by Laib when the Jupiter System Union attacked the SNS base on Szeged. He later appeared with the other members of the SNS at the Metageitnion Restaurant the day before the Guntroll's Round 1 match with the Space Angels. He and Getz took the field first against Sechs, Elf and Zwölf. Koen protected Getz from Sechs when the latter tried to attack his partner after he had deployed Dizaster, swatting Sechs away. Elf and Zwölf then tried to slice him with their mono-molecular wire, but Koen caught the wires with his Pilgrim's Canes and reeled them in, enabling Getz to fire Calamity Thrust at the three. Koen and Getz offered to spare them if they surrendered, which Elf and Zwölf were tempted to do, but Sechs refused to give in, having spotted Getz's vulnerability.

Sechs tore up a section of the wall and hurled it at Getz, with Elf and Zwölf hiding behind it and Sechs riding on top to provide a target. When Getz sliced the wall, Elf and Zwölf appeared from behind the two halves and trapped Koen with their wire. Sechs then used the Titan Blade to rotate around and impale Koen, using him to penetrate Getz's barrier and stab Getz from behind. Despite being mortally wounded, Koen was able to convey his perplexity at what Sechs declared he was fighting for.


  • Koen was created by "Mimura Crachica." Its design was submitted during an art contest where Yukito asked for character designs for Last Order. Mimura also created the character Getz, Niz and Derossi.