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BAALO04 113 Kotengu
Hogan relates the origins of Kotengu in Phase 22.
Origin Okinawa
Users Hogan
Related martial arts Space Karate
Debut Phase 21

Kotengu (冴天狗 Sae Tengu?), also referred to as Tengu, is a style of Space Karate that was practiced by Hogan. It is derived from Tengu Karate, which was created by Japanese forest ninjas. It adds punching techniques from Okinawa and is described as the latest space-age fighting technique. Kotengu's aerial techniques make it somewhat unrecognizable from conventional Space Karate.[1]


Kotengu features aerial techniques, many of which were executed by Hogan using his specialised cyborg body. Because it is so reliant on the user's capability of flight, they are at somewhat of a disadvantage if this capability is disabled.

  • Electromagnetic Shield: An electromagnetic barrier that can deflect incoming bullets, rendering any type of firearm useless unless non-metallic bullets such as plastic explosive rounds are used.
  • Hidden Claw: A forward kick at the opponent's face which is set up by blinding them with a feather that falls in front of their eyes. If it connects it digs into their eye sockets and lifts them into the air.
  • Tornado Scythe: A technique executed from the ground when the user is on their back and their opponent is standing above them. The user grabs an opponent's leg with one foot and throws them into a spin to set them up for a strike with the opposite foot

The following techniques can be executed as a sequence:

  • Sliding Blade Attack: A sweeping attack executed out of a dive, directed at the opponents' legs. If they jump to avoid it, it sets them up for the Feather Trap.
  • Feather Trap: After executing the Sliding Blade Attack, the user rolls onto their back and fires a barrage of feathers at their opponent. These feathers generate an electrical field that paralyzes the opponent.
  • Slice-and-Dice Ax Chop: An axe kick against a paralyzed opponent that is set up by the Feather Trap.


The name Kotengu is a reference to the Kotengu demons (also called Karasu Tengu), small bird-like demons from Japanese mythology. It was believed that many ninjas had the same magical powers as the Tengu, and that the Kotengu taught the art of swordsmanship to the great samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune.


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