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Krista Morten Disease
Krista Morten
Krista Morten Vile from Battle 17.1.
Type Alien Viral Weapon
Creator Krucht Sonann
Users Baron Muster
Debut GUNNM Mars Chronicle Log 013 part 1

This naturally occurring martian regent was found and discovered by the late father of Baron Muster, the archaeologist Krucht Sonann. He went to incredible lengths to hide this discovery, greatly fearing the military applications of such a dangerous substance if its discovery ever got out.


Krista Morten disease functions by gradually crystallizing all the animal proteins in cells, before instantly causing the biological matter affected in such a way to harden into plaster, leaving the afflicted victim transformed in such a way into a dead living statue. The insides of those changed by such a toxin appear as though made out of solid plaster, making them near indistinguishable from a solid clay or porcelain bust.

Such a biological agent cannot initiate it's effects by it's lonesome however. It first must be introduced into the body either via bodily intake, such as food and drink, or more direct introduction likely by hypodermic needle, a thorned ring for a handshake, or even manufactured into bullet ammunition.

The substance is normally harmless as it lacks toxicity, and is also tasteless and odorless making for undetectable deployment. As a silicate mineral, it has a high granularity content, making the first method of delivery difficult as such a composition makes it incapable of being dissolved in liquids or properly disguised if placed in food stuffs. Eventually it'll dissolve in the anatomical system it's been introduced to within a weeks time.

The petrification process can be initiated via exposure to certain ultrasonic frequencies within a few meter's of the subject, making those infected with the pathogen rapidly and permanently harden via mineral particle resonance. It can also have a delayed reaction in which Krista Morten is regularly supplied to an unwitting host via regular ingestion, thus prolonging it's effect via regular intake as placebo pills.

Beautiful mother and daughter (scared)
Beautiful mother and daughter (petrified)

The first victims of Baron Muster. Poor for nude mother and daughter petrified forever.


Baron's father kept the secret of manufacturing and utilizing Krista Morten to his grave. But the former revived it for his use as a means of profit and revenge. Baron Muster would often use the Krista Morten for both intimidation alongside personal sport in tormenting people.

The maddened Baron would excavate his father's secrets seeking to profit off of them in planning for 20 yrs worth of revenge scheming.

He would first make use of it by going into business as a Legal Corpse Recycling corporate venture. One of many situated on the planet of Mars at least, Itall's shell company would take the carcasses of Mars' deceased to be crystalized via the Krista Morten. Then he would have those stone corpses ground to dust and meshed with limestone and refashion the mixture of elements into masonry with which to construct and build housing with.