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Kugel Keit is a Mauser School Panzer Kunst technqiue. 

  • It translates from German to "Bullet Speed."  
  • In Japanese, it's written as "Bullet Method." 

It is a Mauser School technique where the user fires a bullet (judging by the cartridge, a 7.62 mm bullet) from their mouth. 

Additionally, it may also be the entire practice of using bullets to destroy your targets without the use of actual firearms, be it another bullet or a human/cyborg. The Kunstler always has to eject the shells one way or another after using this technique.  

  • So far, it has been shown to be fired out of a Kunstler's mouth and upper arms.  
Kugel Keit 1


Kugel keit 2

(Neo, eat your heart out.)


  1. Kauffman might've used this technique to easily destroy the boar-like Sergeant's limbs.  
  2. Erica Walt used this technique to deflect Danko's Berserker Bullet at point-blank range. She later on deflected the gun's other bullets. 

Users []

Sources []

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