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Kurz Bombe Kunst
BAALO07 59 Bombs
A pair of the bombs on Tzykrow's fingertips in Phase 39.
Martial art Panzer Kunst
Type Explosive
Creator Mauser School
Users Tzykrow
Debut Phase 39

Kurz Bombe Kunst (クルツボムベクンスト Kurutsu Bomube Kunsuto?), literally Proximity Bomb Technique (近接爆弾術 Kinsetsu Bakudan Jutsu?), is a Mauser School weapons technique involving the use of tiny adhesive bombs that are detonated by sound. It can be used in direct combat or for assassination and torture.

The user places the bombs on the fingertips of their thumb and middle finger and during combat, can conceal the bombs' placement without the opponent knowing where they are until it is too late. Vital spots such as the joints are targeted. The bombs will adhere in the direction they are facing and require just the slightest contact to stick. After planting the bombs on the target, the user retreats to a safe distance before detonating them with a unique sound, such as snapping their fingers (Tzykrow), or via ultrasonic waves (Erica). Erica's application of the technique is far deadlier as there is no visual cue that she is about to detonate the bombs or give an opponent an identifiable means of countering the bombs' application. By contrast, Alita was able to prevent Tzykrow from detonating his bombs after learning of the technique by severing one of his hands.[1]


  • "Kurze Bombe Kunst" is German for "Short Bomb Art".