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BAALO13 40-41 Homme du Feu
Homme du Feu during the Tenth ZOTT semifinals in Phase 76.
Type Guignol
Purpose Combat
Creator République Vénus
Users République Vénus
Debut Phase 71

Kynokephalos (キュノケパロス Kyunokeparosu?) (Greek for "dog-head) is a style of guignol developed by the République Vénus. Homme du Feu was an example of this type of guignol.


Because the combat abilities of kynokephalos guignols are far below average, Olympe was brought in by Chief Gesigner Pissarro Créer de Vivre to teach Homme du Feu camouflage, deception, planning, and adaptability. She also honed his intellect and provided a source of motivation for him. Olympe's efforts helped mold Homme du Feu into the powerful cornerstone of the Genome Kingdom, Venus' seeded team in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.


The origin of the term is a race of dog-headed people who were believed to have lived in ancient India.