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Laib (ライブ Raibu?) was a member of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) and the father of Niz. He was the only other member besides Saya who was not a member of the Guntroll because of his death prior to the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.


Laib was a fair skinned man with fair hair styled in a brush cut. Like his son Niz, he had some cybernetic implants in his face, indicating that he was at least a partial cyborg. When he first appeared he was wearing his railsuit.


According to Hegeor Hopper, Laib was renowned for his ability as a railman and was self-made, but was able to rise his son in a more genteel manner. Niz followed in his father's footsteps and also became a railman.[1] At some point they joined the SNS.


BAALO05 64 Laib

Laib after having launched the children at the Guntroll prior to his death in Phase 27.

A month before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) in ES 591, the Jupiter System Union launched Operation Lawnmower to counteract the increasing neonatal survival rate in the asteroid belt.[2] They targeted the SNS' home base on the asteroid Szeged, managing to lure the SNS Guntroll away. During the bombardment of Szeged, Laib was able to get the children on Szeged into four storage units and used his railsuit to launch them at the Guntroll, which had returned but was too late to stop the attack. Right after he launched the children Szeged exploded, killing Laib. The SNS was later able to retrieve the remains of his railsuit, which Niz contemplated by himself in a storage room prior to Round 1 of the ZOTT. During his fight with Sechs. Niz asked for his father to give him strength and kept him in his thoughts.


  • Laib is the only member of the SNS whose design was not based on a reader submission.


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