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Lakshmi (ラクシュミー Rakushumī?) was a member of ORDER and the most notable member other than Aga Mbadi.


Lakshmi was a dark skinned woman with long hair and was possibly of South Asian descent. She was depicted wearing an ORDER spacesuit and her facial features were indistinct.


The relationship between Lakshmi and Aga Mbadi is well known due to the popular adaptations of ORDER's exploits.[1] Mbadi later admitted to Queen Limeira that Lakshmi was the only woman he ever loved. Her loss had a profound impact upon him, which was exacerbated by his acquisition of Jean Vares' brain bio-chip.


BAALO03 113 Mbadi & Lakshmi

Mbadi and Lakshmi in Phase 16.

In ES 472 ORDER was able to track Vares to his hideout on Pluto, but all of the crew except for Lakshmi and Mbadi perished. Mbadi knew that Vares would send his underlings to confirm the team's deaths, and cut all power to their spacesuits except for minimal heat to conserve battery power. He was able to use his mastery of yoga to bring his body to a state of suspended animation by lowering his respiration and heart rate. However Lakshmi lacked the knowledge to put her body through such a process, and Mbadi had to deceive her by telling her that he would save her. Unable to alter his breathing or else risk jeopardizing the lives of potentially millions of people around the Solar System, Mbadi was forced to watch the only woman he ever loved die slowly in his arms.[2]

Lakshmi was later depicted in the epic action-drama TV series Space Mbadi by the actress N. Tripathi.


Limeira asked Mbadi about Lakshmi during his audience with her, during which he candidly revealed the truth behind her death, something he had never told anyone before.

Months later on the eve of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals, Melchizedek had a discussion with Mbadi while he prepared the Sword of Damocles, disclosing that they were both alike in that they had lost their loves at a young age and had sought to fill that void in their hearts with power.[3]


  • Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and the embodiment of beauty.


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