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Lam Dao (ラム・ダオ Ramu Dao?) is a master blacksmith who runs the Blade House and specializes in the crafting of blades.


Lam Dao is a short, but powerfully muscled man who is bald and has a wrinkled forehead. He wears a light coloured tank top and pants with dark shoes.


Alita's pair of Damascus Blades that she used during her motorball career was described as being forged by "the finest blademaker",[1] who may have been Lam Dao, but this was not clear.

After her challenge team was formed to take on Jashugan, Ed had Lam Dao forge the pair into a single blade that was almost as hard as diamond. Lam Dao refused payment for his work on the basis of his friendship with Ed, implying that he knew Ed from his motorball days and that he had crafted the blades that Ed used while he was a Top League player. He instead asked for Alita's body if she lost the challenge race so that he could make a blade out of it.


  • His likely namesake is the ram dao, a heavy Nepalese sacrificial sword.


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