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Laser bug
BAA08 185 laser bug
A laser bug in Battle 47.
Type Support weapon
Purpose Communications relay
Electronic countermeasures
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau
Debut Battle 47

The laser bug was a support weapon that was used by the TUNED.


Developed by the Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB), the laser bug was a small, insect-like device with a tapered body, four legs, and a T-shaped head. It converted TUNED communications into a laser, which was relayed to Tiphares. The laser bug could also be used for electronic countermeasures (ECM).


In ES 590[1] after arriving at the Granite Inn, Alita used a firefly to tunnel through the ground and access its large underground system of pipes instead of going through the front entrance, which had been booby trapped by Desty Nova. While traveling through the tunnel she deployed laser bugs to open a line of communication with the GIB.


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