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"Leader" was a Künstler who was Yoko's commander during her original final mission. He design was loosely used for Meister Gergt in Mars Chronicle.


Leader was a bald cyborg who wore the distinctive Panzer Kunst eye black and had the number 707 on his chest. He was equipped with a light coloured Künstler cyborg body. At the time of his death he was missing the lower half of his body.


Leader was ruthless, even to his own comrades, as he ordered his surviving subordinates who were intact to dispose of their wounded before engaging in their suicide mission to destroy Ketheres Elyion. It is not clear if his fanaticism was characteristic of Panzer Kunst, but was shared by Yoko and the intact survivors, and he framed their final mission as a means of preserving their honour.


BAA09 164 Leader

Leader directs his subordinates to aim for the orbital ring in Battle 51.

During the Terraforming Wars Leader commanded a group of Künstlers that included Yoko and Beltram. At some point in the course of their mission he was severely wounded, losing the lower half of his body. When it became clear that the group's spacecraft was critically damaged and that they had no chances of survival left, he ordered the functional survivors to use zubringer pockets to evacuate the ship and aim for Ketheres Elyion. They were to use portable nuclear grenades to attack the orbital ring to trigger its collapse by acting as suicide bombers. In order to prevent anyone from falling into enemy hands, the wounded were to be disposed of beforehand. Leader turned down a suggestion that the zubringer be used as a means of trying to save the wounded by holding them in suspended animation and despite the severity of his orders, they were not questioned. When the spacecraft was attacked by a mysterious opponent, Leader ordered Yoko to evacuate using the zubringer before he was killed in the subsequent explosion.[1]


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